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Bamboo fabric has a nice soft quality to it, and several characteristics which make it a sustainable alternative to cotton. First of all, bamboo plants grow super fast, up to one meter a day! Secondly, after the harvest, bamboo forests can quickly recover so therefore replanting is unnecessary. Sunlight is basically all you need for growing bamboo. There is no need for extra water or pesticides, because bamboo produces its own anti-bacterial substance.

Bamboo seems to be eco-friendly, but there is a problem. In order to cultivate the strong bamboo plants into a soft textile fabric, it needs to be chemically treated with viscose. This chemical process is harmful to workers. Fortunately, efforts are underway to make the viscose process sustainable. Thus, bamboo can potentially play an important role in making the fashion industry more sustainable. Essentially, bamboo’s exceptionally good qualities are beneficial for humans and the environment.