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Fair Trade

In addition to materials, the social circumstances, that is the ways in which trade takes place within the fashion chain, are important when it comes to sustainable fashion.


A dirt cheap clothing brand

A fair T-shirt of €4,-? When you think about the approximately 20 different people who are part of the production process and need to profit from it, you will understand that someone within the production process has to pay the price for your cheap piece of clothing.

A relatively expensive clothing brand

Does an expensive piece of clothing guarantee fair work circumstances and wages? No, not necessarily. In the end, the costs for sowing a piece of clothing are usually less than five percent of the retail price.

Clothes produced in low-wage countries

In case a piece of clothing is produced in a low-wage country, does this always mean that it was produced under bad conditions? This is also not necessarily true. You cannot tell from looking at clothes. In order to be sure about the conditions, you need to be critical as a consumer. You can ask the brand if it was produced in a fairtrade manner. Some brands provide information on labels, or a track-and-trace system which enables you to see who made your clothes, what they are made of, and where they were made.