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Jettie Wakker

Jettie Wakker is a fashion designer and the owner of conceptstore 512. This is the place where she presents her own clothing line ‘Wakker’ (‘Awake’) as well as other brands. If possible, she buys brands that are made in sustainable ways. How do you as an entrepreneur handle this? Is it possible to have a succesful business with sustainable clothes? Are you able to compete with big commercial chains which offer clothes for minimum prices?

Jettie takes us through the steps she has been taking in terms of responsible entrepreneurship. It is a story that begins in the attic room where she transformed her mum’s old clothes into fashionable contemporary items. What struck her was that old clothes are of far better quality than today’s disposable fashion. Why would that not be possible today? The seed for her own fashion label ‘Wakker’ was sown.

With ‘Wakker’, clothes are produced in an honest way by home seamstresses in The Netherlands, who use qualitative fabrics. Each design is made as a limited edition, but when the demand is higher than the supply, the production is expanded. As a result, there is never a surplus. And in case an item remains unsold for too long, Jettie uses the fabric for a new design. During the symposium, Jettie will not only explain her work method, but also talk about how she ensures her business remains financially healthy. A passionate story about fashion and the desire to know the origins of your clothes. Because wanting to know is the start.