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Lianne Toussaint

Lianne Toussiant is a teacher/researcher at the Radboud University Nijmegen. She teaches in the field of cultural sciences and investigates fashion and technology. She recently finished her PhD research titled Wearing Technology: When Fashion and Technology Entwine. The research does not only address the concrete possibilities of technological fashion (“techno-fashion”), but above all explores the social and cultural value of this relatively new phenomenon.

During the symposium, the function and value of fashion and technology will be the point of departure. What is our personal relationship with clothing and technology? How may the combination of the two change the current fashion system? Lianne Toussaint will show remarkable examples of integrations of clothing and technology. How about a dress which shows Twitter messages, or a solar energy generating coat, or work wear for the nursing staff that register the well-being of a nurse? In which ways does the increasing entwinement between clothes and technology affect our relastionship to fashion? And is this something we should mainly look forward to, or should we also be on our guard?