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Shura Glasmacher

Shura Glasmacher is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, owner of Het Danslokaal, and desinger of the clothing label SHURA. Shura has graduated as Dance Teacher at artEZ (University of the Arts Arnhem). When she is dancing and teaching, she wants to wear clothes that make her feel comfortable, allow her to move well, and are made with care and love for the environment.

For her birthday, she asked a sowing machine, allowing her to make her own clothes in ways she liked best. This did not go unnoticed as there was a demand from other people. Today, SHURA dance wear exist for eight years. It is slow fashion: timeless, unique, stilish, and sustainable. The fabrics are made of lyocell (a wood pulp), and at the heart of her new clothing line are PET-bottles. While developing unique prints, she likes to collaborate with nearby professionals. This work method also brings dilemmas. Whereas big companies are constantly tempting their customers with new designs and low prices, Shura works with several limited edition clothing designs. From a commercial point of view, this is quite a challenge.

During the symposium, Shura will take us back to the basics. To nature, to the story behind her clothes. Because that story is why she wants people to come back to her brand. She believes that sustainable fashion is not a trend but the future. The question that remains is how sustainable fashion can become the new norm. This is why Shura will share the process that she has gone through. A process of awareness, making choices, and movement. Sustainability is not a static thing. It is a constant quest. But that is good. As long as it moves.