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Sophie Roumans

Sophie Roumans is a fashion designer and founder of the men’s label Roumans. As a little girl, Sophie always wanted to become a visual artist, but she decided to study Fashion Design at the HKU (University of the Arts in Utrecht), where she graduated cum laude. Designing enables Sophie to express her fascination for people and how they behave in relation to the world around them. Her graduate piece was rewarded with a selection for Lichting 2017. Thanks to this, she was able to show her graduate collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

For Sophie, fashion is about wearing stories. It is a way to reflect on what is going on in the world. During the symposium, Sophie will guide us through her sources of inspiration. Stories about fashion and people belonging to the fashion world who work in slightly different ways. They make us reflect on our actions. They show us alternatives. Sophie will relate these examples to her own label and craftsmanship. For example, she will talk about zero waste and fashion labels that aim at social importance.

The label Roumans takes sustainability as its norm, and craftsmanship is considered self-evident. Seasons play no role as a social issue is the point of departure. With her collection, Sophie shows the ways in which we live and exhaust the world. She gives us a peek in her work process, whilst encouraging us to think about our own attitude towards the world we live in. Her new collection will be presented at the transformator huis in Amsterdam next June, and her work is on display at FashionClash in Maastricht. Sophie will give a sneak preview at the symposium.