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Yunfei Gu

Yunfei Gu studies International Business and Management Studies at the HAN. At the moment, she is working on her graduation research at Dutch Awareness. Dutch Awareness is a leading company in the area of chain management in the textile industry; a pioneer and leader in circular innovations. They are the first company to have realized a completely circular chain in the fashion industry. They have a product line of fully recyclable work wear and circular solutions for used textiles and plastics.

Firstly, Yunfei takes us to China. Her relationship to Dutch Awareness has its origins in Luoshan, the place where she is from. Luoshan is the place where she was confronted with mountains of old clothes and discarded plastic. Prior to studying in The Netherlands, Yunfei worked in Luoshan as an environment volunteer. She is involved in projects which are aimed at finding solutions for the mountains of clothes and plastic. As a result of the issues and dilemmas that arise during these projects, she explores advanced technologies for combating pollution. In the end, her search leads to the innovation of Dutch Awareness, and together with Dutch Awareness she decides to apply circular innovation in China in order to change its system.

During the symposium, Yunfei will provide insights in the circular system which Dutch Awareness has been developing so far. An important aspect of this system is the CCMS system, which is based on the three ‘W’s’: Who makes the product? What are the materials that are being used and Where is the product made? Yunfei will show us how the CCMS system provides answers to these questions. She emphazises the necessity of transparency within this system. In the process of achieving a sustainable chain, she gives priority to sharing responsibility and collaboration. Is the circular innovation of Dutch Awareness the solution for making the fashion industry more sustainable on a large scale?