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Sustainable Fashion Week

Photo Walter Janssen

From 21 until 27 May

Fashion show Sustainable Fashion on 27 May

  1. The fashion department of ROC Nijmegen is creating and showing sustainable fasion.
  2. Several primary and secondary school children will show self-made fashion of waste or natural material. Schools that are already participating: NSG Groenewoud, Talita Koemi, Karel de Grote college, Sterredans, and de Buut.
  3. Graduate fashion students and designers.
  4. Sustainable fashion brands of entrepeneurs from Nijmegen.

Symposium on Friday 25 May at the Stevenskerk

  1. Two speakers from the Radboud University.
  2. Three fashion entrepeneurs from Nijmegen.
  3. A fashion designer.
  4. Contribution of Kloosterkino.
  5. Dance performances.
  6. Exposition.

You can find more information under the heading symposium.

On 21 May we start with the project SCHOONE KLEEDJES (‘FAIR GARMENTS’)

The aim of this project is to swap clothes on a large scale.

  1. Large swap market and/or swap day at schools and companies.
  2. Handing in clothes for people to reuse.
  3. Handing in old clothes for recycling.

You can find more information under the heading SCHOONE KLEEDJES

On Saturday afternoon 26 May a large SWAP market will take place at the Cinemariënburgplein.


  1. Stevenskerk 16-29 May
  2. Library 14-28 May
  3. Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis
  4. De Bastei – December 2018.

Presentation APP/Mobile website: Green Fashion Shopping Spots.

What is the place to be to buy sustainable clothing in Nijmegen? Developments in sustainable clothing in Nijmegen will be presented during the Sustainable Fashion Week, and further developed during 2018. Green Fashion Shopping Spots is one of the projects that will continue after 2018.